Covering Sports Equipment and Cycle Losses on Holiday

April 18, 2024

If sporting activity is a huge part of your life, it’s probably impossible for you to go on holiday and not take whatever equipment it is that keeps you active on a weekly basis. You may even plan your entire holiday around your sporting interest, whether that is cycling, fishing, or surfing.

Any loss, theft or damage to such equipment whilst travelling, can lead to significant financial loss.  If it is lost, damaged or delayed whilst in the trust of a carrier, its non-appearance on your trip can cause significant disruption to your holiday plans.


Sports equipment and cycles travel insurance add-on

For this reason, Europesure Travel Insurance gives its travel insurance customers, located right across Europe, in the UK, EU, EEA, Monaco and Gibraltar, the opportunity to take out an additional level of insurance over and above standard baggage and effects cover.  This specifically covers their sports equipment or cycles.

The added protection will allow the insured to claim up to the amount shown in their schedule of cover, should their sporting equipment or cycles be damaged, stolen or lost, or be delayed for 12 hours or more whilst the carrier is transporting them.

There are a few provisos.  The owner should not, for instance, leave them on view in a vehicle or leave a vehicle containing them unlocked.  There has to be evidence of forced entry into a vehicle, if they are stolen.  Any cycles should only have been carried in a purpose-designed cycle rack.  There is no cover if the loss or damage has occurred whilst taking part in a race or training for a race, as that is a more professional usage of the equipment.

Claims and cover

Any damage claim requires the insured to submit the damaged item for inspection and any loss or theft needs to be reported to the police within 24 hours of its discovery, so a crime reference and report can be generated.  If the insurance claim is for loss or damage in transit, then the courier concerned needs to be informed, in a similar way.

There can be no cover for an eventuality in which customs official detain, delay or seize the equipment and items must be under five years old.  No waterborne craft or road vehicles other than cycles can be covered.

There will be a deduction from any claim that takes into account depreciation and wear and tear since first purchase of the item.  The original cost of the item should also be proved by means of purchase receipt.


How to protect sports equipment and cycles on holiday

The policy can be added on to the standard travel insurance policy, either single trip or annual travel insurance policy, of any Europesure Travel Insurance customer, who wants to pedal the hours away whilst abroad, catch a wave, sit by a riverbank and enjoy a spot of fishing, or even perhaps indulge in a bit of archery.  With so many sports practised by so many people, the definition of ‘sporting equipment’ can take many forms.

For those travellers who view their sporting equipment as an appendage, this cover can provide added peace of mind that they could protect their beloved equipment or cycle, if the worst occurred.  

To find out more, visit this page -

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