How Wintersports Travel Insurance Protects You From No-Show Snow

January 30, 2023

Currently, according to there are 690 ski resorts open in Europe, all ready to welcome those armed with salopettes and a desire to hit the slopes and get some skiing under their belt for 2023.  But there are also 83 resorts that are not open and that’s one good reason why you need wintersports travel insurance.

If you are planning on engaging in any wintersports activity, a standard travel insurance policy just won’t cover it.  That’s because wintersports tend to see you taking on a whole different set of risks from those that you’d be enjoying on a beach holiday in Malaga, or a trip along Route 66 in the USA.  When you are on or around the slippy stuff – snow and ice – a variety of accidents and incidents can occur.

One of those is that you might just find – especially in these days of climate change – that there is no snow in your resort at the time of your planned skiing or snowboarding adventure.  As that’s your main reason for travelling, you are hardly likely to be content sitting on the balcony of your Alpine resort hotel, just breathing in the mountain views day after day.  Après ski falls just a little bit flat, if there’s no ski involved.

Insurance protection against piste closure

For this reason, wintersports travel insurance policies from Europesure Travel Insurance, offer you insurance protection for slope closure.  Should the snow not show up in your chosen resort, the policy will pay for you to travel to an alternative resort for your skiing and will pay up to the sum insured shown in your schedule of insurance per day, for either that or for the extra cost of acquiring a new or extended ski pass.

If you simply cannot just hop off to another resort that has snow, then the policy will pay out to compensate you, up to the maximum of the sum insured.  You will need to get a written statement from the management of the resort at which you intended to ski, giving details of the reasons for the piste closure and its duration and make sure that your ski resort is 1000 metres or more above sea level, as the policy won’t cover a ski resort below this altitude.  If the piste closure was public knowledge at the time of you booking your trip, then the policy simply cannot cover you, so do your homework before booking.

Avalanche cover and more standard protection

The policy will also protect you if your departure or arrival in resort is impacted by an avalanche that leads to a delay of more than 12 hours.  Here, the policy will cover necessary and reasonable additional travelling and accommodation expenses, up to your sum insured.  Again, however, your resort must be above 1000 metres above sea level, for this clause to apply.

Other non-medical things covered by specifically by your wintersports policy with Europesure Travel Insurance, which you would not find on a standard travel insurance policy, include owned and hired ski equipment, single item equipment, the hire of replacement ski equipment and lift passes, (which you could lose or have stolen).

Your more standard heads of cover, such as cancellation or curtailment, emergency medical and repatriation expenses, missed departure and transport diversion, baggage, money and document cover, personal liability and a whole lot more, are then available within three choices of insurance cover band – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Why emergency medical, repatriation and liability covers are needed for wintersports holidays

It goes without saying that good emergency medical and repatriation cover is vital, just in case you break a leg, tear your anterior cruciate ligament or pick up another common type of medical problem in resort, such as altitude sickness.  The cost of treatment could be huge in itself, especially if skiing in North America, but then there could also be a requirement of special travel arrangements home, whether that’s a seat with leg elevation, or even for an air ambulance, in really serious situations.

You should also make sure that your liability cover is tip-top, as it is relatively easy to inadvertently lose control and plough into another person or their property when skiing , especially if other skiers are coming at you from all angles.  If you injure someone, it could lead to a pretty hefty bill!

If you are a resident of the EU, EEA, UK (living in Europe), Gibraltar or Monaco, Europesure Travel Insurance can provide you with the cover you require, in order to gain peace of mind on your travels.  Wintersports protection is an option on either single trip or annual multi-trip policies and we can cover up to age 79.  Many pre-existing medical conditions will be covered by the policy, but you do need to declare yours, to check that they are.

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