Protect Your Eyes This Summer

July 1, 2023

Most of us enjoy the arrival of summer; the feeling of the sun on our skin and maybe the prospect of getting a tan.  Holidays, lighter evenings, al fresco living and the smell of sunscreen are all things to look forward to.

When the sun does come out, most people understand the importance of protecting the skin, although, here at Europesure we did recently discover that 27% of Brits say they have suffered sunburn and one-in-ten think painful sunburn is just part of the holiday experience.

So, if we are somewhat lackadaisical about applying sufficient sun lotion, what about protecting our eyes?  How many of us consider the damage that sunlight can do to our peepers?

Why sunglasses are important

Sunglasses may make you look cool or enhance your outfit but they’re not just a fashion accessory. They are vitally important in protecting you from negative sun impacts, such as UV light, which can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina of the eye.  Both cataracts and macular degeneration can result from prolonged exposure to UV rays, so wearing sunglasses is vitally important, as the temperatures soar.

What to look for when choosing sunglasses?

Whilst the ‘look’ of a pair of sunglasses might be high on your list of priorities when selecting them, there are a number of other more important things to consider when purchasing new sunglasses including. 

  • Checking that the glasses are labelled as 100% UV filter (or UV400), to block those dangerous rays
  • Selecting a wrap-around style, to reduce the UV exposure or oversized sunglasses, which can also help protect the delicate skin that surrounds the eye area.
  • Polarisation – to help reduce glare and make eyes feel more comfortable.

Why wear sunglasses if there is no sun? 

Sunglasses aren’t just for sunny summer days.  Sunglasses can be useful all year round, as our eyes are always exposed to UV rays.  Wearing sunglasses is especially important if you are near water or snow, which both reflect light back, giving your eyes a double whammy of both direct sunlight and this reflected glare. Packing sunglasses for sailing or ski trips is essential.

We are in a cost-of-living crisis, and I can’t afford expensive sunglasses.

The price of the sunglasses doesn’t matter; it’s the UV protection that counts.  Whilst a designer brand may be made of nicer materials and be potentially more durable, there is no reason to break the bank.  A cheap pair of sunglasses can do just as good a job as an expensive pair, as long as the UV protection is 100.

Bearing this sunglass advice in mind will assist your eye health, but it’s not just your eyes and skin that need protecting this holiday season.  Make sure you are also covered for any cancellation costs, delays, cash, gadget, baggage or passport losses, health incidents or accidents whilst you are away, by taking out appropriate travel insurance, which we can provide for you, whether you live in the UK, EU, EEA, Monaco or Gibraltar.

Find out more about all of our policies at and stay safe on your travels – in every sense. 

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