Top ‘Pink’ Places and Worldwide Attractions for Wannabe Barbies

July 24, 2023

In celebration of the release of the worldwide phenomenon that is the Barbie Movie, Europesure Travel Insurance has channelled its inner pink and sought out a variety of ‘pink places’ around the world to which you may wish to venture.

However, no matter how cool a Barbie or Ken you are, risks can still occur, so we have also compiled advice regarding what to safeguard against in these pink-place locations.  If you have your Europesure Travel Insurance policy backing up your trip, you should be able to both stay safe and be recompensed or assisted with medical support, if the worst should occur.

Remember, that Europesure offers travel insurance policies to residents of the UK, EU, EEA, Monaco and Gibraltar, so whether you want single-trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip cover or just really high travel insurance from a Lloyds of London-backed travel insurance firm, we should be your first port of call.

Venice Beach

 Much of the Barbie Movie was shot around Venice Beach, near Los Angeles, so that seems a logical place to which you might wish to head, if you become a fan of what is already a cult movie. Prepare yourself for half-a-mile of eclectic wonderment, roller skaters, off-the-chart artists and individuals and mystics.  Be on your guard, however.  Venice Beach may be safe by day but the Boardwalk area and Pier become a more scary place by night, with homelessness and drugs being two issues that fuel crime and lead to the angst of locals.  Don’t go there after dark and, if going there alone by day, be careful.  Stay alert and remove the headphones.  Don’t engage with people who approach you and safeguard your valuables.

The Pink Palace of the Pacific – the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, Hawaii

 This pink building, right by the iconic Waikiki beach, will not escape your attention, if visiting Hawaii.  The island is generally fairly safe, so just exercise the usual precautions. It is also volcanic, with continuous eruptions since 1983.  Most of the time, the trade winds take the ‘vog’ away from the islands but if the Kona winds are blowing, those with a heart, lung or respiratory disorder may suffer the impacts of volcanic smog.  Make sure you’ve packed your travel insurance, to provide you with cover for medical bills, just in case and checked that your particular medical condition was covered, before buying the policy.

The Palace of the Winds, Jaipur

In 1876, the entire city of Jaipur was painted pink, to celebrate the visit of Queen Victoria and her son, Prince Albert, who dubbed it the ‘Pink City’.  Today, the capital of Rajasthan attracts millions of visitors, being one third of the Golden Triangle of Indian ‘attractions’, along with New Delhi and the Taj Mahal.  In Jaipur, travellers need to beware hawkers around the main attractions and remember the crime level is high, with much pickpocketing and various scams in operation.  The latter includes the circulation of fake notes in non-regulated shops that offer currency exchange, gemstone scams - catching out those not diligent enough to ask for certificates of authenticity -  and taxi meter scams. Be careful to avoid the tap water and adjudge whether street food can be trusted.  Do not accept food from strangers, as it could be spiked.

Tan Dinh Church, Ho Chi Minh City

This unique Roman Catholic church in the city once known as Saigon has been pastel pink inside and out since 1957 but was originally built in the 1870s.  Ho Chi Minh City is very reliant on tourism, so makes an effort to keep tourists safe but there are still things of which to be aware.  Taxis often have rigged meters and certain scams revolve around making tourists pay to stay in less than salubrious hotels, supposedly because a tourist bus has broken down.  However, bag snatching is a major risk and a crime often carried out by thieves riding motorbikes. Take good care of any bags and try to leave valuables in a safe, back in the hotel.

Tangsi Beach, Lombok Island, Indonesia

This beach, on the south east side of the second largest island in Indonesia, is one of just ten pink beaches in the world, with this phenomenon created by the mixture of red coral fragments and sand.  Be aware that Lombok is one of the most active volcanic islands you could choose to visit and has also been the location for earthquakes, the last being in 2018.  With these come potential issues that could lead to trip cancellation or curtailment.  Health risks could surround food bought in public beach shacks, bites from venomous snakes, shark attacks and toxic reactions from venomous jellyfish and yellow-ringed octopi. With mosquitoes prevalent, there is also a dengue fever risk and drinking the local brew of arak can also lead to health issues.

If your love of pink things and Barbie lead you to any of these places, take the appropriate self-help measures but also make sure you have a good quality travel insurance policy that can assist you in your hour of need, should the worst occur.  Head to to suit the policy to best suit you, your trip and your budget.  Whichever you select will come with the added security of knowing the cover is backed by Lloyds of London.

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