Why EU Homeowners Need Gadget Cover

January 19, 2023

Did you know there are around 50 million smartphone users in France – a country where smartphone penetration is said to be the fourth highest-ranking in the world?[i]  And did you know that 82% of the French population uses their smartphone every day[ii], offering a ‘bonjour’ to friends and family, no doubt?  

Well, that appears to be the situation, as does the fact that there is even greater smartphone penetration in the UK, than in France.  Put all this together and it’s highly likely that a UK expat, living in France, is pretty inseparable from the phone in their pocket.

So that creates a huge issue when they go on holiday, as what is there to protect that gadget against loss or theft?  Whilst British homeowners often rely on their home insurance all-risks policy to protect items taken out of the home, that sort of cover is not available on policies bought in France.  

And, therefore, what does that mean for all the other gadgets we like to take on our travels these days – the tablets, iPads, laptops, e-readers, MP3 players, CD/DVD players, cameras, video cameras, consoles, hand-held games, smart watches, fitness trackers, PDAs and Sat Navs.  Oh, and let’s not forget headphones, as they are now a far cry from the simple plug-in kits that came with our Sony Walkmans once upon a time, sometimes costing hundreds of pounds.

How EU residents can protect their gadgets when travelling

The answer is that, if you wish to travel with these sorts of devices and live in France (as well as other countries), your possessions just won’t be protected once you step outside of your front door.  You will have to buy special insurance to cover them.  Given the value of many, and the fact we have become almost surgically attached to some of our ‘devices’, that’s probably a must rather than a nice-to.

This is where gadgets insurance is so valuable, if you are holidaying from your home in Europe to anywhere else in the world, including back to the UK.  Purchasing such insurance means finding a travel insurance provider that offers it – something Europesure Travel Insurance can do, through its optional travel insurance extension policy, Gadget Cover.

The insurance policy will cover portable electronic equipment, the replacement value of which must not exceed the Gadget Single Item limit.  You must also be able to show relevant proof of purchase that validates the value, with the purchase made from a UK VAT, OR EU, EEA, Gibraltar or Monaco-registered company.  It is also essential, for cover to be valid, that your device is in full working order at the time of your trip and that it is actually owned by you.  You will need to show date of purchase and the make and model of your gadget.

What gadget insurance covers whilst you are travelling

If these, and other, conditions are met, you will be covered for accidental damage to the gadget.  You will be covered for cosmetic damage, such as dents and scratches, liquid damage and also malicious damage by a third party.  

Theft of your gadget should also be covered, along with the things that accompany theft – such as unauthorised calls, texts or data usage that can soon knock up quite a bill.  You must, however, read the small print and ensure you don’t do things such as leaving your gadget on full view in a car, or in a vehicle left unlocked.  Theft of a gadget should also be reported to the police and airtime provider, if applicable, within 24 hours and 12 hours respectively.

Accidental loss of your beloved gadget is also covered, to enable you to be recompensed and purchase a ‘number two’ that can replace it.

Replacing your gadget

The replacement will be an identical one, of the same age and condition, or, if no longer available, one of comparable specification or equivalent value.  Replacement items will only be delivered to a UK, Gibraltar, EU, EEA or Monaco address.

As long as you abide by the policy conditions, this cover can ensure that you do not suffer undue worry as to how to replace your item, if something befalls it on your travels.  As many gadgets have become part of the family, perhaps the best advice is to insure them as if they were family members.  If not, you could suffer no end of moaning from your bereft teenagers, have to find other ways of amusing your younger child and possibly spend many months saving up, to put things back as they were.

Head to www.europesuretravelinsurance.com  to view our travel insurance policies and find out more about Gadget Cover. 

[i] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_smartphone_penetration

[ii] https://www.businesscoot.com/en/study/the-smartphone-market-france

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